Smoke & Mirrors is another track that was inspired by one of our favorite films. Smoke & Mirrors was our take on the Coen Brothers classic “O Brother Where Art Thou.” I grew up in a religious household where gospel music was played constantly, so I wanted to try my hand at adding those elements into my own music, which I had never done before. The result was this story (which is a continuation of Crossroading) where our outlaw character sees the error in his ways and has a coming to God moment.

Smoke & Mirrors


About the Artist

Jake Lloyd has spent the last ten years working to create a name in the Austin music scene. Bridging the gaps between genres has been one of his main goals. With the help of his producer Danny “DSII” Saldivar, they’ve overcome being overlooked, pigeonholed, and most recently – a pandemic. To view more of his work click below.