“Turn” Full Score

Turn is a piece about change, it’s about seasons, fall, most specifically, It’s about cicadas, it’s about their 17-year slumber for a few days of freedom.Turn is a piece about making changes. It is inspired by dancing, by turning, running, spinning,and making small, incremental changes over time toward something better.



About the Artist

Daniel De Togni was born in St. Louis (b. 1993), grew up in Arkansas, and is a composer currently living in the beautiful state of Oregon. His works have been performed by the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, the Julius String Quartet, Hypercube, and the Delgani String Quartet, among others. His works have also been performed in Japan, Taiwan, at June in Buffalo, the Hot Air Music Festival in San Francisco, New Music on the Point, Bowdoin International Music Festival, the American Music Festival, the UNK New Music Festival, as well as throughout the United States.

His compositional style has been praised for its breadth and his ability to integrate a variety of soundworlds and influences into his music. Daniel’s music is that of cross-pollination between genres and styles, and the exploration of sonic environments and the musical organisms that dwell in them. His focus is that of creating emotionally moving, auditory experiences for the listener. To view more of his work click below.