The Death and Life of a Pigeon

you ferry your ego around in the oily boat of your puffed-up breast
exclamations of beak punctuate each step

you inspect a fry in the road while standing in the shadow of a beastly truck

a toddler jabs a chubby finger at you as he shrieks and nearly topples his stroller

three joggers look away as they leap over your body

a bicycle wheel snags an outstretched wing and sends your feathers spiraling

your feathers scatter for miles in the chilly October wind

weary with grief after the loss of her husband
a widow bends to pick up one of your white feathers
and knows with certainty he is thinking of her

About the Author

Hannah Jane Weber’s poetry has been published in I-70 Review, Kansas City Voices, The Poeming Pigeon, The Seattle Star, and Wrath-Bearing Tree. She is also a recipient of the Dylan Thomas American Poet Prize. Hannah Jane is a children’s librarian and tennis enthusiast. She lives with her husband and their golden retrievers.