You may begin.

Swells are best described as _________________________________________.

  1. a slow rhythmic heaving or rolling
  2. somewhat detrimental to an aged fiberglass hull
  3. portents of a storm. Try the engine again
  4. just waves

“I thought I was a seafarer.” This statement is ______________.

  1. true
  2. false
  3. wrong
  4. both true and wrong

Which of the following is not relevant?

  1. They will find me. I know this.
  2. I’m stricken with fear nonetheless.
  3. I should keep at least one friend and tell him where I am going next time.
  4. I have always been afraid of the wrong things.

About the Author

Marc’s first novel, The Legend of Sander Grant, was released by Telegram in 2009. He’s published short stories, articles/essays, and poems in the US and abroad, some of which have garnered praise. Acclaimed novelist Donal Ryan: “This is vibrant, tough, fearless, virtuosic writing. It blew me away.” Marc’s currently at work on his next novel, Tip Diebæck’s Corpus, the origin story of a contemporary anti-hero, as well as several short stories. This poem is from Marc’s forthcoming collection, Tip Diebæck’s Avulsion.