Hope no longer has a familiar face
All you feel is what you’re surrounded by
Chaos runs rampant to finish the race
However, you suffer win, lose, or tie

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Kenyan Eldridge poem

Judgment comes when deeds are done, but the
end is an uncertain one.
Truth and Justice most await, but they sadden
who anticipate.
All is lost when all is gained; all a fair world knows
is chains.

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Baby Fingertips

  Baby Fingertips by: Neerul Gupta When she was still small enough to fit all her worries into a crayon box I would guide unscathed fingers over black outlines of mountains Knowing that when she’d grow up I’d grip hers in mine Trudge up to airy peaks only to look below Hear her say “That… Read More

I Will Arrive at My Wedding Alone

I am the Indian sun,
a draped dupatta, my flame.
My every step, my every gaze,
demands other women to watch in awe
and follow.

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Travel Song

The town I’ve left
still calls me home
dusty hills
wind hast blown
all the day
the sun shone
scorching heat
the birds have flown

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To grow again

The black engulfed her
Celestial agents follow
In what holds all of live
And lost as we, aware
That such dreading and deadening dark shadow
Is our beautiful resurrection

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To Be Decided

I tend to always feel
like I am waiting, like maybe
if I can just get through this part

with all its partness
then my honey and his bread
will be on the other side.

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Everything is either tremendous
success or devastating
tragedy. My mom sends an article
to my school email about a woman
who fell in love with her breast cancer. Tim deems me the most optimistic schizo you will ever meet

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“Library Book Return”

You quench your curiosity
You bend her corners
You fill her with your annotations
You find her faults
You even took notes
And yet she let you skim through her pages

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