Restoring Romeo

Restoring Romeo The script won second place in the William Faulkner Literary Competition: One-Act Play, New Albany, Mississippi, 2022 and is published in "London: Smoke, Blokes and Jokes of Foggy Town", Red Penguin, 2022. There have been Zoom readings in New York, Nashville, West Hollywood, Cocoa Beach (Florida), West Hollywood and Paris (France). Celebrated actor… Read More

Larghissimo in G minor

The composition is written for a chamber orchestra of violins and cellos. The performance is by electronic sound. Photography is credited to Suchoon Mo. Request for sheet music may be sent to: Suchoon Mo - Credits Suchoon Mo: Music Composition, Photography Larghissimo in G Minor (after Tchaikovsky's Barcarolle) About the Artist Suchoon Mo lives in… Read More

An American in Bucharest Full Score An American in Bucharest About the Artists Los Angeles based composer/arranger/band leader Brian Eisenberg is the recipient of the ASCAP Herb Alpert Young Jazz Composer Award, the Downbeat Magazine Student Music Award, the ASCAP Plus Awards, the John Philip Sousa Award, and the Palomar Council Reflections Award. Brian graduated with distinction and… Read More

Space Between

Space Between is the title-track from Chase's debut album, released in July 2020 on Ears&Eyes Records. The piece was inspired by a conversation between Chase and the Cuban-American pianist David Virelles, who told Chase that his record Antenna was largely inspired by his manipulation of the 'space between' different notes. "Space Between" expands on this idea as it expands and contracts different rhythmic values to… Read More


Falling is a single from Chase Kuesel's debut album, Space Between. The music video for the song was animated and directed by Ian Kelly. A song in 11/4, it is in many ways an ode to letter writing, with particular attention paid to how that activity can allow two people to grow closer and imagine… Read More

String Quartet no. 6 “Song of the Angel”

Full Score   Description String Quartet no 6: “The Song of the Angel” is written for and dedicated to Esterhazy Quartet in celebration of their fiftieth anniversary season. This quartet is conceived as a single movement work in five sections with a duration of thirteen minutes. Song of The Angel is based on a near… Read More

China Chalet

China Chalet Full Score Artist Statement: My scores are created to be inhabited by the imagination. I create a balance between enough and not-too-much information that allows the player to push out into corners, feel comfortable, and almost luxuriate in musical space. With certain aspects of notation left purposely open, the player’s memory must fill… Read More

Buddha and the Monkey King

Tête à Tête Opera Festival 2020 Composer: Anna Vienna Ho Librettist: Michael CT Lam The Monkey King: Lixin Liu The Buddha/Ruanist: Michael CT Lam Piano: Lingling Yu Conductor/Wooden Fish Player: Anna Vienna Ho Venue: The Cockpit, London Date: Saturday 19th September 2020 Description An adaptation of ‘Journey to the West’ by Wu Cheng’en, one of… Read More