The Code Box

Childhood friends ROSE and MEGAN meet up at the county fair to celebrate MEGAN’S 40th
birthday with a stroll down memory lane. When they come across a new genetic mapping
attraction, run by WAYNE, MEGAN is unsure how to receive troubling information about
herself. Is he telling the truth? Does it matter?

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In this absurdist farce, a United States Government Official and a Father show a Mother how her newborn daughter will be raised.

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The First Handshake

N-nice to formally meet you, Lauren. Welcome to our team of servers. I’m–

You’re Rick. I know. Nice to formally meet you . . . Rick.

The WAITER slowly extends HIS right hand. With a weak smile, the WAITRESS takes it.

May this be the first of many handshakes to come. They shake.

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ETHER: The Strange Afterlife of Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

ETHER: The Strange Afterlife of Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ETHER: The Strange Afterlife of Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a play by Susan I. Weinstein, presented Dec.2019 in I.R.T.'s studio B experimental theater residency program. ETHER is a play within a play, a story told (with the aid of… Read More


Hank and Erin must say goodbye to their father…but in the midst of grief and loss, can they find a way to say what’s in their hearts? GravePeach is a play about the rituals we employ around the liminal space of loss and the ways we can find to say the real goodbye.

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Incomplete Hexany Chord Catalogue (9:11:13:15)

Incomplete Hexany Chord Catalogue (9:11:13:15) is a multimedia piece inspired by composer Tom Johnson's piece "Chord Catalogue," which explores a microtonal tuning system devised by Erv Wilson called a Hexany. This video was made with Unity and Pure Data. It plays through all possible 2-note chords, 3-note chords, 4-note chords, and 5-note chords, followed by… Read More

Occurrences of Questionable Significance

Trapped in a pandemic, urban animals struggle with addiction, boredom, temperamental outbursts, cleanliness, and fetishism in this obscure postmodern film about the Anthropocene and consumerism. Synopsis: When forest animals invade our cities, the world is in disarray. Office fox Fiona struggles with her phone addiction. Will she succumb to it? Temperamental bunny Barbara only gives… Read More

Larghissimo in G minor

The composition is written for a chamber orchestra of violins and cellos. The performance is by electronic sound. Photography is credited to Suchoon Mo. Request for sheet music may be sent to: Suchoon Mo - Credits Suchoon Mo: Music Composition, Photography Larghissimo in G Minor (after Tchaikovsky's Barcarolle) About the Artist Suchoon Mo lives in… Read More

Sexy Fisherman

Sexy Fisherman is a music video shot, created and edited by Liz Hogg in October 2021. This is the first single from her debut solo album, where she recorded and performed all the instruments and vocals and completely mixed and mastered it herself. It features a repeating riff over different chords and a drone-like middle… Read More