Connotation Full Score


Connotation is the idea associated with a certain word or in this case, a composition. Being such a vague concept, The composition can represent the clash of ideas that Somesh experienced through his numerous months writing the piece.The typical song has one theme to satisfy the audience, but Connotation embraces the changes in pace to act as something different. The song goes from a majestic theme with simple theory elements to a more rebellious attitude as the song goes on. This connotation within the piece later turns into one of an insidious trickster, vastly different from the original mindset this piece originated upon.


About the Artist

Somesh Yatham is a 16 year old composer who started his passion for music at the age of 7 and grew to expand that passion to where he is today. In doing so, Somesh discovered composition with his first piece titled Die Jagter (The Hunter) and has participated as a composer and student leader in the composition group, Golden Hornet where he has had his piece, The Nightmare in the Woods, performed by Tetractys. He also most notably placed second in the Sarah and Ernest Butler Austin Symphony Texas Young Composers Competition and has had his music published by the Ars Nova Publishing company. Now attempting to expand this passion into a possible career in film/game scoring, Somesh is once again striving to compete in many composition competitions with a full orchestra piece titled, Machiavellian, and has recently been commissioned by Tetractys in partnership with Panoramic Voices. Apart from composition, he is also an avid performer in percussion, receiving state and regional prizes, a state qualifier in DECA and Model UN, and a member of now 4 academic honors societies. To view more of his work, click below.