Raghs Full Score


Raghs (the Farsi word for dance) is a celebration of Persian dance music and an exploration of my Iranian heritage. Raghs was premiered on May 7, 2019 at the UCLA Spring Undergraduate Composition Concert, Jan Popper Theater, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.

The performers in this recording are:

Alice Townsend – Violin I

Celeste Pena – Violin II

Angie Zheng – Viola

Christopher Ye – Cello



About the Artist

Born (1999) and raised in Los Angeles, Kian Ravaei has written for a variety of ensembles ranging from chamber to choral to orchestral. Much of his work stems from a love and respect for the music of his Iranian ancestors. His liminal identity as an Iranian-American is reflected in his music, which employs materials from and embodies the spirit of both cultures. He is currently earning his B.A. in Music Composition at UCLA. To view more of his work, click below.